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Meadows by the Sea

Earrings - Chamomile Flower, Sterling Silver

Earrings - Chamomile Flower, Sterling Silver

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These stunning resin earrings feature real flowers encapsulated in clear resin.
Each pair is unique, as the natural flowers may vary in color and shape.
They are lightweight and comfortable to wear, making them perfect for everyday
wear or special occasions. The transparent resin allows the intricate details of
the flowers to be seen, creating a beautiful and ethereal effect. These earrings
are a beautiful way to incorporate nature into your wardrobe and make a perfect
gift for nature-lovers.

Sterling Silver Hooks - Stamped .925 ~ a delicate sterling silver that will
need care from the user, included are two earring stoppers to place on the
back to ensure you don't lose your new earrings while wearing them!

Earrings vary in combination and are chosen at random



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