Bouquet Preservation, Functional and Bespoke Flower Art

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Bouquet Preservation

Bouquet Preservation

Whether it is your bridal bouquet, a memorial arrangement, a sentimental bunch... 

  • Custom Charcuterie Boards

    Paired perfectly alongside our bouquet preservation, we can preserve your own flowers inside one of our Charcuterie Boards for you and your guests to admire, for years to come.

  • Bouquet Preservation

    We are based in Toowooba, QLD and offer bouquet preservation Australia wide. We work with you to preserve your memories from your special day.

  • Unique Keepsakes

    Alongside our Bouquet Preservation and Charcuterie Boards, we can preserve your special bouquet in other smaller keepsakes, including paper weights, earrings and coasters.

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Commissioned and custom works by Meadows by the Sea

Meadows by the Sea is based in Toowoomba, QLD and was founded by Ally, a flower enthusiast with a passion for all things floral. Ally helps create lasting memories for those she works with by preserving flowers and suspending them in resin, creating one of a kind art pieces that feature the beauty of nature that can be displayed and enjoyed throughout every season, for years to come.

For all our work we use high quality FDA approved resin, Ally sources all her flowers from local florists, flower farmers and suppliers first, some from her own garden!

For our custom work; where we can not source the flowers from our own gardens or locally, we search Australia wide. We have a range of products available that are both beautiful and practical, including all sorts of natural specimens.

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