How long will my Flower Art last?

The best part about the flowers being preserved in resin is that they will retain their colour. The resin we use has anti-yellowing properties to keep it looking as clear as possible. 

Resin art can last for several years up to decades, to lengthen its lifespan, we provide a resin care card with details on how to take care of your piece and how it should be stored.

What is involved in the preservation process?

When we receive your flowers, they become the first priority. Any transportation and time out of water is stressful to your blooms, additionally, when out of water the stem of your flowers will form an embolism or clot, stopping any water from being soaked up. Below is a stepped process to how your flowers are preserved:

- Recut stems to remove any embolism, remove foliage or petals that have bruising or browning.

- Place flowers in fresh water with flower food to kill bacteria and give the blooms a burst of energy so that they are in their peak, they will be left to soak up the solution for approximately 4-6 hours.

- Now that your flowers are rehydrated, and in the best condition they can be, they will be preserved.

- Some of your blooms will be taken apart and pressed for the next 2-3 days, changing the paper daily. They will then be placed in silica for the rest of the drying.

- The remainder of your flowers are removed from the stems and placed into silica for 4-5 weeks, they will be checked throughout this period and removed when they are completely dry.

- Once removed from silica a fine paint brush is used to remove excess silica particles from within your flowers.

- The pressed flowers are then reconstructed and used in your chosen art pieces. The full form/3D flowers are placed into your chosen art pieces.

Do you use food grade resin?

The resin we use is food grade up to 50 degrees celsius. Each of our Flower Boards also has a scratch resistant topcoat that is food grade up to 50 degrees celsius. 

What are the care instructions?

Do not use sharps on your resin art, store in a cool place out of direct sunlight, food safe to 50 degrees, wash with warm, soapy water, do not submerge.

How do I clean my flower art?

Do not submerge your flower board in water, use a soft cloth with warm soapy water to clean the surface. 

Areas on the sides or back of your flower board may have timber still exposed, so submerging it may waterlog the timber.

Is there a minimum order amount?

We do require a minimum order of $250.

If you are on a tight budget and have a special project, please reach out to discuss your options.

Can I pick the type of Timber you use?

The timber we work with changes regularly, based on availability of quality product. 

We have a number of suppliers who provide us with quality timber that is kiln dried, the species will change depending on what is available at the time. 

We general have a collection of Silky oak, Camphor laurel and Red Mallee available, offering a few different finished looks.

In our initial consults, we will discuss the type of aesthetic you are after and match it as best we can with what is available.

Where are you located?

We are located in Toowoomba, QLD

Do you preserve flowers outside your local area?

We do offer bouquet preservation services and commissioned options for those outside of Toowoomba, we would love to service all of Australia, however, if your flowers can't get to us within 1-2 days of the wedding, we do suggest preserving through someone in your local area or state, as any blemishes and aging will show up in the resin.

We will consider commissioned works with flowers preserved elsewhere; however, we need to be aware of what products have been used on the flowers when preserving as it may affect the outcome.

What is the booking process?

Contact info@meadowsbythesea.com.au to check if your date is available. 

There is a non-refundable booking deposit of $100 to secure your date. This will be invoiced directly to you and be removed from your total invoice. It is important to note that your date is not secured until the deposit has been paid. 

We will discuss your order options and decide on the final products including whether timber will be used or not, and the type of timber if it is to be used. We will then discuss handover arrangements of the bouquet. 

Your second invoice will be due one week prior to the wedding or event, and it is important to note that work can not begin until that invoice is paid.

The creative process will take between 8-12 weeks to complete, and I will reach out to you in the final stages to arrange the handover. You will be invoiced for the remaining amount prior to handover.

How do I pay for my artwork?

You will be invoiced in three parts;

First invoice: Non-refundable booking fee

Second invoice: 50% of the remaining amount.

Final invoice: Remaining 50% which is due upon completion of the works.

Do you recreate bouquets?


These projects may take longer as we will need to source the flowers from the flower market and other further suppliers if they are not available. A timeframe will also be determined based on the usual seasonal availability of your bouquet arrangement.

Costs for these flowers will be invoiced to you upfront with the booking deposit.

How are commissioned pieces shipped?

The greatest care is taken when dispatching your order. Resin is a very durable material, so we do have that on our side! When packaging your order, we ensure it is packaged as to not be affected from drops and that there is sufficient padding to ensure it is not compressed or bent, this will also keep out extra heat from the transport vehicle.

Your package will be dispatched with fragile tape/stickers to alert couriers. 

Flower boards are dispatched express, insured and registered to ensure they get to you as quickly and directly as possible, and that they are covered for their worth.

How do I get my bouquet to you?

If you are local to Toowoomba, or in SEQ, we can discuss collection options. Collection within Toowoomba is included, however there is an additional charge for collection outside of the local area.

If you are sending your bouquet to us, you will be provided with detailed instructions about how to transport your bouquet and how to prep and prime your flowers for the transport in order to avoid any extra stress on them.

If your flowers are not able to arrive within 1-2 business days, we do suggest looking for someone more local to you, this is to ensure the best outcome for you.