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2024 Price list - Commissioned Art

All flower board pricing now includes preservation.

There is a minimum order amount of $250.

We offer preservation only services, if you are wishing to have your bouquet preserved, but not set in resin, please reach out to discuss your bouquet arrangement and availability.

Pricing is subject to changes where necessary and we will keep this page up to date with the relevant details.

Timber, or no Timber?

We love timber and the aesthetic that it brings, but we also understand that not everybody is looking for a more rustic theme with their bouquet!

We are here to discuss your vision and what components we can make happen for you. If there is not enough flowers in your arrangement to fill a board, we will recommend adding timber or other fillers to complete the look.

The timber we work with changes regularly, and is based on availability of a quality product. We have a number of suppliers who provide us with quality timber that is kiln dried, the species and varieties will change depending on what is available at the time. 

We general have a collection of Kiln dried Silky oak, Camphor laurel and Red Mallee available, as well as a nice little collection of burl timber pieces for those looking for something a little more special. We can generally offer a few different options to provide different finished looks.

In our initial consults, we will discuss the type of aesthetic you are after and match it as best we can with what is available.

Preserving Your Blooms

When your flowers are received, they become the first priority. Any transportation and time out of water is stressful to your blooms, additionally, when out of water the stem of your flower can form an embolism or clot, stopping any water from being soaked up.

Initially, your stems are recut to remove any embolism, degrading foliage or petals are then removed.

Your flowers are placed in fresh water with flower food which will give your blooms a burst of energy and perk them up to be primed for preservation, the flower food also gets rid of bacteria that has formed. The flowers will be left to soak up the solution for approximately 4-6 hours.

Your primed flowers are now rehydrated and in the best condition to be preserved.

A selection of your blooms will be taken apart and pressed for the next 2-3 days, changing the paper daily. They will then be placed in silica for the rest of the drying process to retain as much colour as possible.

The remainder of your flowers are removed from the stems and placed into silica for 4-5 weeks, they will be checked throughout this period to monitor and taken out when they are fully dry.

Once removed from silica a fine paintbrush is used to remove excess silica particles from within your flowers.

The pressed flowers are then reconstructed and used in your chosen art pieces. The full form/3D flowers are placed into your chosen art pieces.

Particulars and Extra Information

We will only preserve enough of your flowers to complete the works you have ordered. If you are potentially going to add to your order after the preservation process has begun, it is recommended to discuss this intention prior to works being completed, so that extra blooms can be pressed and preserved.

Ensure you keep some blooms for yourself to enjoy over the next couple of days as I won't be able to get the leftovers back to you (and remember to recut the stems and keep the water fresh). In circumstances where there are extra blooms, they will be placed into a small box with tissue paper and handed over with the finished products.

The pricelist does not include shipping/postage fees. These are calculated based on the dimensions of the item and the overall weight. An estimate will be provided in consultation with you.

After the long preservation process, your flowers are cleaned of excess silica and prepped for your chosen art. Each piece is a unique piece of floral art work and takes time to create.

The process for our flower board is very time consuming and completed in stages to ensure the clarity of the resin, as minimal bubbles as possible, and to retain the individual beauty of each and every flower. This stage takes between 3-4 weeks.